British Pound Up

Is it time to buy Dollars?

Though we all remember fondly the days of US$2+ to the British Pound in 2006 and 2007, 2009 has seen a very volatile currency marketing when considering the British Pound. At the beginning of Q109, the Pound hit a 25-year low to the US Dollar at about $1.36.

This week, the markets have reflected a weakening Dollar and the British Pound was up to $1.50.  This Friday, the US Federal Government will release updated unemployment statistics, which could affect this currency change.  If you have been working with a currency exchange company, it’s definitely worth ringing to evaluate your options.

American Business Group will be happy to provide a list of experts in this industry that can help advise you.  If you plan on buying a business in order to relocate to the States, it is in your best interest to seriously evaluate the current strength of your funds.

Call today! +1 407-367-0100


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