ABG’s Young Professionals Program

In addition to discussing Orlando’s general economic growth and business development on this site, we also like to promote our Young Professionals Program.

American Business Group offers shadowing days and short-term summer internships (two weeks) to high school seniors. We also meet with college students and help them locate internships and meet mentors in their chosen field to increase their job prospects and career success.

Students participate actively in the day-to-day running of the company and attend meetings with business owners, association luncheons and continuing education seminars with an ABG associate.  In addition to boosting their résumés, past students have gained better communication skills, increased confidence in talking with older adults, sharpened their general public speaking, and learned more about basic money management.  Additionally, due to the nature of business brokerage, students get to learn about several different industries in a short amount of time, which may help those who are still undetermined in what major to choose.

If you know of any students who may be interested in shadowing or interning, please direct all enquiries to info @ americanbusinessgroup . com or 407-367-0100.  Students do not have to be business or economics majors.


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