How to Become a Business Broker

After receiving many emails from people interested in becoming business brokers and needing advice, I decided to post a some information about the backgrounds of many of my colleagues, and where to get started to see if this industry is the right fit.

Many professionals in my field enter the business brokerage industry as a second or third career.  Prior to becoming intermediaries, some of my colleagues have been:

  • CFO’s for large corporations
  • Successful businesses owners who had sold their businesses using a business broker
  • Sales professionals from a variety of industries
  • Accountants and Financial Advisors

The rewards that one can gain from being in this business cannot be measured; however, how does one know where to start when there are few resources available about the industry?

Some questions I receive often include:

  • Where can I meet experienced business brokers and intermediaries to ask questions about the career?
  • Is there education available that is more than a series of textbooks?
  • I don’t yet know if this industry is right form me?   Are there courses and training in this industry I can take without having to commit to a particular firm that offers training?

I suggest that the best place to start would be the International Business Brokerage Association, a trade association of business brokers providing education, conferences, professional designations and networking opportunities.  Members come from large and small firms, franchises and independent offices;  members bring experience from the business community, whereas others are changing career paths or are recent graduates just entering into their first career.  The IBBA is THE place to learn how to learn the business, and learn it right.  Please feel free to call me at 407-770-8373 with your questions.


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